Amazing group in Roanoke, VA


As part of  Thrill of the Hunt: Frame Two, the Star City Creators Society’s second event,  Say it, Succinctly is a writing contest coinciding with the theme of the scavenger hunt, but utilizes an entrant’s words rather than visual demonstration of creativity. Entrants will have 13 days to complete the assignment. The theme will be announced on August 15 and you will have until August 27 to enter. A panel of judges will determine three winners, with 1st place taking the pot of money, and all three short written works being read by their creators at the September 11 reveal at the Shadowbox Micro Cinema.

Entries will be limited to 500 words and can be in the form or poetry, essay, rant, or fiction. Each entry requires a fee. (This is a fundraiser, after all.) $10 per entry. $2.50 will go into a pot for 1st place, and…

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